Sunday, December 10, 2017

How Did This Never Get Picked Up For A Whole Season?

Would it have offended Middle America?

The Show I Most Look Forward To All Week

The only thing cooler than a regular episode of LIVE PD is the shirt Tom Morris was wearing last night. He must have lost a bet or at least I hope so. That look should never become a thing. But I love these guys. Their experience in the field of law enforcement is valuable in giving persepctive to what we are seeing live. Great show for the shut-ins out there and it's all real. I you don't walk away from a watch without gaining more respect for cops and what they do every day and night then you can't be educated about anything. Not your fault. Some hillbillies are born with that kind of brain damage. It's a hard job and a needed job and those who do it deserve our respect and support. My only criticism is the lack of cats, foxes and bunnies in their ranks. Zootopia might have lied to me I think.


Still The Prettiest Kitty In The Room


Monday Model Behavior With Elisanth



Erik Allan Johnson Does Cool Art

Brother Erik is one of my closest internet friends and I have watched his art style evolve of the years. Today he totally blew my mind by sharing this fantastic Captain America. I know he already does fantastic caricatures but this is beautiful pin up stuff that reminds me of the early days of Marvel. I have to do a larger post about his art in the near future.


Ready Player One Trailer 2

This gives a much better look at the story behind the film and it actually looks pretty good.

Have Yourself A Strange Victorian Christmas

Anthropomorphic cats, murderous frogs, and insects dancing by the moonlight aren’t exactly part of our Christmas card tradition today. However back in the 19th century, Victorians thought nothing unusual about sending their loved ones a grim image of a dead robin with the words “May yours be a joyful Christmas,” or a card with a boy greeting a jellyfish hovering in the air.

Many of these strange Victorian Christmas cards are making the rounds on social media this holiday season (@HorribleSanity has shared some especially disturbing ones, like the scene of a frog-on-frog stabbing, and Saint Nicholas stuffing a kid in a sack). But where do these visuals come from, and what do they mean? Some of that significance is now lost to history, yet it’s important to consider that Christmas wasn’t widely celebrated in the early 1800s. So over the 19th century, the iconography of the pre-Santa Saint Nicholas, the trees, the presents, the snow, evolved gradually.


STAR WARS 8: Final Trailer (2017)

This is going to be a great week. Lots of cool Star Wars memories and clips and movies to watch. I have a pretty cool theory in my head and I want to tell everyone but I might be wrong and look foolish. BUT if I am right then everyone will be pooping their pants at what I think will happen. Rey is the real threat here. Not Kylo. Kylo will redeem himself and he and Luke will have to fight Rey and save her from the evil Sith within her because of her heritage. Palpatine is her father. Snoke is Palpatine who didn't die at Endor. Being the next Darth Vader is her DESTINY. Which she will fight and at the end she will die rather than become something she hates and can't control.

ROM - Spaceknight - One Of My Favorite Comics Ever

The comic expanded on the simple premise that Rom was a man who gave up his humanity in order to become a powerful robot - A Space Knight. His new powers allowed him to fight his planet's greatest enemy, the shape shifting Dire Wraths. After the Wraths were victorious, Rom pursued them across the galaxy eventually landing on Earth. He was part of a League of Space Knights, each with their own unique powers and abilities but ROM was the greatest of them all.

The comic gave him contact with the rest of the Marvel Universe. It made Rom the most perfect co-star comic because he could easily slip into any conflict and fight with any character. Eventually the entire Marvel Universe joined his Crusade and the Dire Wrath were defeated after 66 issues and ROM found his lost humanity so the saga had an beginning, middle and end. That was rare in series comics. The legend Steve Ditko actually returned to Marvel after many years in seclusion to illustrate the later books in the run. So even that psycho was inspired by the story of a savior from the stars. He is the one Marvel character that needs to be part of the Guardians of the Galaxy more than anyone.


The greatest part of ROM is that he started as an electronic robot toy from Parker Bros, the makers of Monopoly. The toy company approached Marvel to do a comic based on the character and a legend was born. This toy is my HOLY GRAIL figure Mint in a nice box with electronics that still work is the dream. I won't order him online lest I get an empty box. I want to hold him and hug him and call him ROM.


Big thanks to Brother Schlomo from for finding this gem for me.
I was pure geek even back then. I wrote a few letters to Marvel over the years but only this one and one from Iron Man # made the cut. Or maybe I was the only one who wrote and they needed to fill the letter page with something, anything.
This letter was my introduction to a nice guy living in a V.A. Hospital in the states. He was a Vietnam vet and was dying of cancer. He mailed me a short note and we wrote each other for a year until he passed on. With his last letter he sent me a package with the first 35 issues of ROM in mint condition. I never thought he remembered my letter but obviously he did because it was included with his final package. One day I need to dig out all our letters and share some of them to thank him properly for the friendship he gave me during those years when there was no internet to talk comics or toys about. For the first time I didn't feel like such a freak for liking what I liked.

This Is The Way I Want To Go Out


Sundays With The Super Girls