Thursday, August 21, 2014

Early Afternoon Captions



I am a huge fan of George but at 77 his time with us is limited. I remember reading once that life takes a lifetime to get right and George certainly is an example of someone who got it right. I will miss this man very much when he is gone.

The Word Of The Day Is 'Invisible'

This was one of my favorite books as a kid and one of the first novels I remember reading all the way through to the end. I wanted to read the book before seeing the movie on CBC TV one summer, so I burned through it on a rainy weekend when I was ten or so. I loved it and the movie and have always wanted a really great Invisible Man action figure. They are harder to find than you would think since he is one of the Universal Monsters although not on the same level with your Draculas and your Frankensteins. I so remember reading the hell out of these comic books.
The cover of this one is by Steranko!
When we lived in Europe we only had German TV. On the weekends, however, we could get a station from France and they would show English language shows like The Avengers and The Invisible Man (with David McCallum) along side cartoons like Space Ghost and Looney Tunes. I think that is really where I fell in love with the idea that a person could disappear. At the same time I was reading lots of Marvel Comics so I had my fill of the Invisible Girl, Sue Richards, from the Fantastic Four.

Susan is the glue that holds the Fantastic Four together. She’s strong-willed, assertive, level-headed, and clever. She also tends to be more diplomatic than the rest of team - preferring to look for peaceful solutions to their conflicts before jumping into a fight. This shouldn’t be mistaken for weakness however; Susan is tough as nails, and when her friends are in danger she won’t hesitate to unleash the full ferocity of her force-field powers. Combined with her ability to turn things invisible, these talents quite possibly make her the most formidable member of the FF.

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Not Gonna Fool Anyone


There Is Always Room For Batgirl


Mythic Articulations Collection Of Cryptid Skeletons


Vampire Bat


I really enjoy these cryptid skeletons from Mythic Articulations.  With all the attention I will be giving this collection of mythical creatures over the next several days, the artist should send me one. They all look interesting. This is something the Cave of Cool was created to showcase.

Cosplay Photography By Truefd





Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Is Anyone Watching Taxi Brooklyn?

If there was ever a show that doesn't deserve to be on television it's this one. First of all the title is stupid and just jumbled two words together. The lead characters are a cop who can't drive and a foreign cab driver who can. It's a crime solving match made in heaven.

The program started serious but in the last couple of weeks it's taking on a goofy tone. It's like Castle only it's not. For some reason the combination of the serious and the silly doesn't work all the time. It's so bad in sections that I can't look away and to be fair, pickings have been scarce lately. No really interesting movies or TV shows to watch. I was so bored that I started watching Manhattan but only because of the historical angle.

IMBD calls this one action-comedy police procedural centered drama. YIKES! Trying too hard to be all things to all people me thinks.

The actors are certainly talented and game but the comedy was a jarring tone shift from the first 6 or so episodes. Everyone is so quirky often to their detriment. I don't care about them or their situations because they all feel replaceable. The New York settings are always nice to see. No wonder this kind of show has been a staple on Network Television for decades.

Nothing new here but a passable enough diversion. Cryler (?) Leigh is very attractive, however. She will find other work in television. I see several Lifetime movies in her future.


Oh You Internet Scamps

Do you see what they did there?

Chupacabra In A Can

Look at the little bastard.
Even his skeleton is freaking me out.