Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Retroist Reviews Robot Jox - One Of My Guilty Pleasures



The story for Robot Jox presents a rebuilding society, survivors who witnessed almost complete nuclear devastation fifty years earlier. Large scale warfare is forbidden by the Nations, who have merged to become the Western-influenced Market and the Russian-inspired Confederation. In the place of war when a territorial dispute emerges the matter is settled by the Robot Jox, massive constructions piloted by a Human and armed with stylized weapons of destruction.

This is a great one from the early days of video. They played it endlessly on the cable movie channels. For 1989 the special effects are pretty advanced and the story is just goofy enough to keep my interest.

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His Empire Is Stable And That Pleases Him

No more meeces in the yard.
He hates meeces to pieces.

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