Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Latest Posh Posh Is Up.

We just did this last night. That was a quick turnaround.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why oh Why??

Everyone who unfollows me without a reason needs to immediately burst into flames to teach the others around them that they have lost their damn minds. It's such a DELIBERATE action to remove someone, especially someone who blogs every damn day. I can understand if blogs have died off. They are just crowding up the space the rest of us need. I just wish ONE person would tell me what they hate so much. It's probably the pretty girls. Women hate pretty girls.


You Hillbillies Need To Realize That We Have ALWAYS Been Hip

According to the New York times, the world has suddenly discovered Canada and realize just how cool we are and not just the frozen wasteland everyone south of the border sees us as. I am hurt deeply that I wasn't included on this list because am I NOT the hippest of all?? I mean really. It's all politics and a popularity contest.
Its author, Peter Stevenson, suggests Canada has shed its modesty and politeness with the election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and through the popularity and influence of artists like Drake, The Weeknd and Justin Bieber.
It profiles 17 Canadians who are "making the nation cool", including Quebec director Xavier Dolan, singer Grimes and comedian Samantha Bee, while name dropping long-time cultural heavyweights like Joni Mitchell, Mike Myers and Leonard Cohen — for whom it coins the praise "coolest cat in a hat."

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Gord Downie Of The Tragically Hip Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

I am a big fan of their music and especially Downie who really knew how to put on a good energetic show. The group seemed to have been around forever despite never achieving the fame outside of Canada that I always felt they richly deserved. There music doesn't sound like everything else out there. They sung songs with meaning behind them. Bobcaygeon and Ahead By A Century are two of my favorite songs that I always choose for Karaoke because I can sing them so well but also because the songs are two of the beautiful written tunes I have ever heard. I hate to see the young and talented die so early. I wish the gods would take some assholes off the planet for once. I know I will spend more time on the You Tubes this week catching up on their concert footage and remembering all the enjoyment I got out of the band's music.

So Captain America Has Been A Hydra Agent All Along??

That is all KINDS of Bullshit. I will read the comic tomorrow to see if I can spot the loophole that will allow everything to return back to normal. This is as bad as creating a Batman that uses guns and kills criminals like the Punisher. Some personalities are etched in stone and the integrity of Captain America is one of those things. Next they will have Spider-Man using his powers to rob banks. Gah!

DC Rebirth Goes Meta With Batman

It seems the Watchmen are going to enter the DC Universe.

DC Rebirth #1 Covers

I have a lot of issues with this reboot but that is a post for another time