Monday, September 1, 2014

Afternoon Captions


As Close To A Dream Figure As I Can Imagine

There is nothing cooler to me than a dead cosmonaut action figure. Especially if he is resurrected to do evil or help fight evil. I just somehow feel for all the dead cosmonauts who were killed during the early days of the Space Race.
Once again the Toy Haven highlights this premium figure. I will never own him but he's beautiful to look at.

He Did Know There Would Be Cameras On Him, Right?

I already want to defriend him and I am not evening following him.
Digital Prophet is a bit pretentious don't you think?

Cool Batgirl Hoodie

I would wear this everyday if it was socially acceptable.

Happy Labor Day, Kids

I am not proud to admit that some of the most fun I had teaching was doing the lessons about the Industrial Revolution - especially the ones involving child labor. I love reminding the students that if they lived back in those times that they would be crawling into dangerous machines to retrieve the fingers of the last kid who got caught in an automatic loom. Or the worse job which involved only the smallest children. They would sit in a hole in the mine wall with a candle to keep light for the other kids digging out coal.

I share these pictures with all you Hillbillies who think Unions and labor laws get in the way of pure unrestrained capitalism. If you know how many tiny hands around the world make the devices you and I couldn't live without, it would break your heart.


Cool Catwoman Cosplay Collection

Do I sense a theme here?
Next you will be telling me Catwoman is not a cat.
(I am still bitter over that Hello Kitty 'incident')

Monday Image Blizzard