Thursday, December 14, 2017

Wonder Woman From Mego

I had to steal this post in it's entirety from Brother Rob over at the Dork Review. He does the great posts where he gives you EVERYTHING you need to see on any given geek culture topic. Today it's this Wonder Woman line of figures from the 70s. Gives you some example just how popular Wonder Woman was back then at the time of her iconic TV show. The entire set here has that same kind of goofy vibe going for it. For a female fashion doll this is not the worst thing I have ever seen. Her face is very well done for the time though the face of Steve Trevor makes him look like he was injured in the War and it only ruined his face. I like the uniform you get to change her into Diana Prince. Not that I would play dress up with her or anything.


Royat In FOIN!


I Can Never Learn Enough About The Yule Cat

Finally, we get to the Yule Cat, or Jalokotturinn, a pet of Gryla and the Lads. While the giant feline is thought to be a traditional figure, the first written mentions of it only date back to the nineteenth century. If you have new clothes for Christmas, the cat will leave you alone. Otherwise, it will straight-up eat you.

The threat was that children wouldn’t receive clothes if they didn’t do their chores, which would leave them to be cat food. I think it might just be a ploy to stop kids from complaining when they clothes as presents. This legend also encourages people to give to the less fortunate, as that means fewer victims for the cat. I’m not sure why a cat would care so much about clothes, but that’s how they roll in Iceland.

A lot of what we know about these holiday monsters, particularly the connections between them, comes from a 1932 work by the poet Johannes ur Kotlum called Jolin Koma, or Christmas Is Coming. That title sounds like it might be more of a threat than a promise to Icelandic children.


Yes He Is Real And His Name Is DOOP

Now HE can be in a Marvel movie.

Lousy Thug


Welcome Home By Alex Ross

Walt Disney Company has announced the acquisition of Twenty-First Century Fox for $52.4 billion in stock, while carving out some assets to be retained by Fox's stockholders. As part of the deal, Disney will assume $13.7b of net debt that Fox had on its books. Disney announced the deal Thursday morning, which would be pending final approval from each company's stockholders as well as government regulators.

Can we FINALLY make Secret Wars now that all the children have come home?


His Cosplay Kung Fu Is Strong


This Guy Is Fantastic - Thug Notes - Watchmen

Expect to see more of his great literary analysis. I so wish this guy was teaching me when I was forced to read Moby Dick. Maybe then that book wouldn't put me into such a rage when I think about it now.

Maestro - We Have Found Your Lola Bunny


Morning Captions


Every Year At This Time They Show The Sound Of Music And Every Year At This Time I Must Post This Rant

First of all have you ever tried to manipulate a MARIONETTE and actually make it look like it is walking and talking and moving it's arms in a way that resembles a real person?? No you haven't because that skill takes YEARS to develop. In no way do these pre-war Austrian orphans pick up this ancient art in mere weeks. Nothing works that fast. Certainly Maria wasn't taught it in the convent.

Now they perfectly manipulate all kinds of puppets while SINGING IN PERFECT KEY.

Second the puppet show set itself is gorgeous and expensive. It would be 100, 000 Marks easily and at that time it was a shameful luxury for a family to have. Count the number of handmade and unique wooden puppets. That is real wool on the goats. The beer has real foam.

WHERE IS THE MUSIC COMING FROM??? I don't see an orchestra or record player.

Now the puppets are dancing in synch with perfect steps and choreography. Then goat puppets join them to also dance. Everyone yodels in key. Calvin wants to cut his wrists.

None of the marionettes get in the way of any other marionette even when the action is at it's most frenetic. It's insane that NOTHING goes wrong during this insanely complex three minute show.

Gretel is useless as always. Gretel is the weak link. Gotta cut her lose to save the family. She is only going to slow the rest of you down when you try to cross the Alps into Switzerland. So that cuts down your number of puppeteers to seven I believe. SEVEN PEOPLE MADE THIS SHOW HAPPEN???

No freakin' way. I can believe everything about the Sound of Music but that pushes even my ability to suspend reality. If I was the Colonel Von Trapp I would have stood up half way through this performance and said, "COME ON!" and stopped this fraud immediately.

They have this AMAZING puppet show but they SING for the talent show. EVERYONE else sang. The puppet show would have been great in a large theatre. Then we sing Edelweiss and the war is over.

Don't tell me what you think of what I just told you. I don't care. It's my truth. You can never make me believe no matter how many times I see. You will never break me Nazi Germany. Even at your height even your mighty Reich could not have done such a puppet show.

All I Ask Is That You TRY!


X-23's Sister Is Given The Best Wolverine Family Super Hero Name EVER!

Laura Kinney’s family tree is what some people would call “complicated.” For starters, she’s the cloned daughter of the X-Men’s Wolverine, which also makes her the half-sister of Logan’s son, Daken. Laura recently discovered that Alchemax Genetics created clones of her, three of whom (Bellona, Zelda and Gabby) dubbed themselves “The Sisters.” While Zelda ultimately died from the experiments performed on her, and Bellona exited the team, Laura has been left to care for her kid “sister.”

When Logan died, Laura took on her father’s mantle by becoming the All-New Wolverine, vowing not to be the killer she was raised to be. Though she’s young, Gabby fights alongside Laura and brings with her a sense of excitement and youthful enthusiasm — a stark contrast to Laura’s more serious demeanor. The two sisters make for a great pairing, but as Gabby has mentioned on more than one occasion, she’s missing one final piece before she can become a full-fledged superhero: A cool codename.

Because Honey Badger don't give a shit.