Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Unlucky 13 - Day 23


Avengers - Age of Ultron Trailer

Hulkbuster armor and the Scarlet Witch? 'nuff said.

Just Breaks My Heart

I don't blame them.
Who could love me?

Mid-Week Image Blizzard


Cold Cuts

It's not even 1PM yet and already my day has been interesting. I woke up weak and sick due to the flu shot I got yesterday. I got a B-12 shot also so I hoped the two would balance themselves out. After turning on the TV I discovered that our capital of Ottawa is under attack by one or more nuts who have already killed a soldier at our National War Memorial.
Good thing the Sgt At Arms, himself a 30 year RCMP vet, was there to take down the gunman who had actually gotten into the main Rotunda of our Parliament building. No one else was hurt or killed.
We pride ourselves on being an open society that doesn't secure our public buildings like we live in a nation under martial law. We just don't play into fear like that and our media doesn't flame up the fear like they do in other nations South of us.
I hope things don't change in light of this incident. We don't give into fear. You want to fuck with Canada and you are in for a world of hurt. First of all, if you attack us in the winter, we will just have to wait until your balls freeze off. If you attack us in the summer we have the most sophisticated law enforcement division in the world and our military is widely considered as being the best trained and most specialized military force on the planet. You jihadist troublemakers make of that what you will.
We are the first ones called when the shit is going down in another part of the world. We know how to get things done - especially when it comes to cleaning out the rats of ISIS who dare fuck with us. You don't want us against you. We will get the job DONE and done for good.
Why can I get a Mandarin orange BEFORE Halloween. That is ridiculous. The Christmas season doesn't officially start until the oranges arrive and those ALWAYS arrive in mid-November. Next I will be having them with my June birthday. Gah!
I went to see the replica Shroud of Turin at my Mother' Ukrainian Catholic church. I am not a believer but I respect them for what they have built over the past 25 years. Since I was a teen I have been fascinated by the Shroud - every since I first read about it in Strange Stories and Amazing Facts - the greatest book I ever got. I know that such forgeries were all the rage during the Middle Ages when the selling of religious artifacts was a popular scam. A piece of the real shroud has been carbon dated to 1350 so it clearly originates from a time when something like this could have been made. However, the technology to pull off such a work didn't exist at the time and that is why the Shroud continues to fascinate. I have to admit it was a trip to be that close to the article and study it. I had to leave when a class of students came in but I am satisfied with my experience.