Wednesday, October 18, 2017

This Just Doesn't Look Safe

But I am not an engineer.

Lost A Follower Today Which We All Know Is A Deliberate Act


The Evolution Of Halloween Costumes For Girls

I really can't rant about these costumes while adoring cosplay the way I do. That would make me a hypocrite. Frankly I hate the way that all females of a certain age think they have to dress 'sexy' for Halloween? When did that become a 'thing'? Check any site that sells costumes and 'sexy' anything is among their most popular and advertised styles. But sex sells and sex runs production and we wouldn't have so many great costume choices these days if there wasn't a sexy costume industry making a variety of looks. I find most of the sexed up versions of costumes to be bland and obvious. I hate obvious. Show a little more creativity than that and I will rant about you all night long AND let you reach into my candy bag.
I guess the message here is clear.
Dress up and you will find yourself on a stripper pole.

I Think She Is Still Trying To Seduce Me


When You Remember When This Was The Coolest Way To Carry Music Around With You Then You Are My People

Of course you couldn't choose the songs you wanted to hear but just having something to listen to in the woods or late at night in bed was glorious to me. My Baba would get a new transistor radio every Christmas and she would give me her old ones because I always bought and saved up my Wrestling magazines to give to her when she visited. It was our thing.


Movies Of The Season - Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park

This is a great article on one of the great goofy films of the late 70s. I remember watching this one and thinking it wasn't so bad at the time. I liked Kiss. Unfortunately time reminds us all that our memories are so much kinder to crap than we like to remember.

...of course, anyone who's actually seen the film will immediately call B.S. on those claims that it's "spine tingling" and featured "stunning special effects." The only "stunning" thing about this movie is how bad it is. KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park is a hilariously awesome train wreck of epic proportions, with cheap special effects, a ridiculous plot, out-to-lunch scripting and uniformly terrible perfomances, all slathered in a shiny layer of glorious low budget made-for-TV Cheez Whiz.

Gord Downie Dead At 53

Rest in peace sweet prince and thank you from a grateful nation.

"Gord knew this day was coming — his response was to spend this precious time as he always had — making music, making memories and expressing deep gratitude to his family and friends for a life well lived, often sealing it with a kiss … on the lips," said the statement, which was attributed to the Downie family. "Gord said he had lived many lives. As a musician, he lived 'the life' for over 30 years, lucky to do most of it with his high school buddies. At home, he worked just as tirelessly at being a good father, son, brother, husband and friend. No one worked harder on every part of their life than Gord. No one."

I Agree With You, Wolf


More Cosplay This Week



I Would Read The Hell Out Of This Comic


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