Monday, March 19, 2018

Someone Won The Internet Today


Ketrincosplay And Calvin Explains Why You Should Care

I want to educate you all for a second. As you know I loves me the cosplay. I have since I first saw the pictures in magazines in the 70s. As lame as the costumes were, they were the first time I saw cartoon characters come to life. Instead of being disappointed I was thrilled. I only watched the ELECTRIC COMPANY because they had a live action Spider-Man bit. He didn't talk but he jumped around in a Spidey suit and that made it real enough for me.
These days I consider myself and expert on the hobby. The irony of course is that I am so agoraphobic that I am terrified to go to a Con let alone talk to a cosplayer. I choose to use this forum to highlight and honor some of the best that I see. I love when the illusion is created by the combination of a great model, a great costume and a great photograph, especially if good digital effects are added.
I found this girl today. I know few if any of the characters she did here. But look at the WORK. The DETAIL, the CRAFTSMANSHIP and combine that with the attitude of the model and the props and this is ART my friends. I wish the hobby wasn't so messed up internally by things I won't talk about here because that is a topic for another day. For now everyone should be inspired by Ketrin and at least try to reach the bar she has set, no matter what you love to do. Just give a SHIT about what you do and THIS will be the end result. Does that make sense?

To me, this character with be LOTR Batgirl.
You can see it too, right?

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This Is Not Entirely Incorrect


Monday Image Blizzard







Fuck You Frankentooth

When I was 13 I have had this tooth break and be repaired poorly in some mobile military dentist truck while I was at cadet camp. Then it broke again and would break again and be repaired. This must have happened ten times over the years. But finally the pain had to end and while Doctor Mohammud hated to ruin is own fine work, he pulled it. Just to look at that three pronged beast made me shutter in fear a little. So I no longer have that molar and there is a deep hole where the tooth used to be. But it was brutal this weekend. I couldn't even touch this tooth to anything without having the worst pain you can imagine. I called in and the great staff got permission to get me some pain meds and really went the extra mile so that I didn't have to spend two days in misery until I could see my Dentist. So Kudos to them. I will leave something nice on their webpage later today.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

I Only Trust Them To Toast My Bread

If this toaster on wheels thinks he can be my buddy just because our cubicles are next to each other then he doesn't know me at all. As soon as I confer with HR he's getting smashed back to the evil forge from wence he came. If he comes at me with those pincer hands that will be his end. A fall from the 42nd floor of corporate headquarters will take the urge to kill humans from most killer robots especially when their CPUs get smashed on the concrete.


This Is Pretty Much How I Remember His Origin Story Too


This Is Why You Momma Keeps Coming Over

Sorry Dude.

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